Liberty's 21st Century Community Learning Centers
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The Liberty County 21st Century Community Learning Center grant is federally funded and provided through one of the 21st CCLC grantees- Florida Department of Education. The Liberty County 21st CCLC program will be granted funds for a five year duration. The 21st CCLC program offers students a variety of activities including physical education, technology, character development, art/music, and 4-H. These personal enrichment activities build confidence and self-esteem. During the program students are provided Academic Enrichment, as well. Students work on Project Based Learning plans (PBLs) for 4-9 weeks periods. While working on PBLs, students create a product to showcase their learning. Recently, Liberty County's 21st CCLC students made functional items made from at least 50% recycled material, learned how to code using, designed aprons in sewing, worked with electricity in the Robotics 4-H club, demonstrated tempo with boom whackers in music, researched engineering in career development/dropout prevention class where they constructed structures that could withstand certain elements and conducted experiments with germs. The program opens when school is released.

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