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Substitute Training
Ed Training Center

ED Training Center is used to provide online training for current employees and those interested in becoming substitutes.

If you are interested in becoming a Substitute Teacher with Liberty County School District and need a complete list of requirements please call 850-643-2275 ext. 237.

To begin the online course that is required please follow the directions below.

Go to the following website to create an
account in order to purchase and start your online training.

Purchase the course "INTRODUCTORY TEACHER TRAINING (for Substitute
Teachers).  You will only need to complete and pass the first 2 of the 5
courses within the training * Substitute Teaching 101 and * Advanced
Classroom Management with a score of 80% or better. 

When you complete please print your certificates and bring them with you to
the Liberty County School Board Administration Office to complete the additional requirements.

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