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The School Board of Liberty County, Florida, gives notice of its intent to adopt / amend / repeal policies as shown below, and that it will hold a public hearing to which all persons are invited.

Date and Time: TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2017 at 4:00 PM.
Location: 12926 NE CR 12, Bristol, FL 32321
Purpose: To receive public input on the proposed adoption / amendment / repeal of policies.

PO 5120         Assignment Within District
PO 3120.06    Selecting Student Teachers

Purpose and Effect:

The purpose is to update the policies, conform policies to current legislation, and eliminate redundant and obsolete language. The effect is that policies will be current with federal guidelines.

Authority:  FS 1001.41(2); 1001.43; 1012.23

Law Implemented: F.S. 1001.43, 119.011, 104.31(1)(a), 110.233(2), 110.233(4), 112.313(6), 1001.32(2), 1001.42, 1000.05, 1001.41, 1002.20, 1002.31, 1003.06, 1012.39, 1002.20, 1002.38

Summary of Statement of Estimated Regulatory Cost:  No statement of estimated regulatory costs has been prepared.  Any person who wishes to provide information regarding the statement of estimated regulatory costs, or to provide a proposal for a lower cost regulatory alternative, must do so in writing within 21 days of this notice.  The proposed policy change is not expected to require legislative ratification.

Any material pertinent to the issues under consideration submitted to the Superintendent or submitted at the public hearing shall be considered by the Board and made a part of the rulemaking record.  Action on the proposed policy change is anticipated to occur at a future School Board meeting, which shall be separately noticed.

The person to be contacted regarding the proposed policy change is: 

Seth Geiger,
Assistant Superintendent
12926 NW CR 12
Bristol, FL 32321
(850) 643-2275 ext. 236

Any person with a disability or physical impairment who wishes to attend this meeting and who requires special accommodations should contact the office of Assistant Superintendent, (850) 643-2275 ext. 236, at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.

By David H. Summers, Superintendent of Schools

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